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The True Man
Meditations on the Male Mosaic
by Keith Ashford

With a look of surprise, the man across from me exclaims…
“I don’t know who I am!”
followed by the question…
“Really! Who am I, anyway?”

To help him find the answer to that question, Keith Ashford offers this Guidebook, which illuminates a path that leads from The False Self to the True Self.

In The True Man, the author expands on the inspirational teachings of others to present vividly the multiple features and facets of character structure that come together to form the mosaic… of A Man Who Knows Himself.

Jeffrey Jackson M.D. F.R.C.P. (C.)
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario

A Message for Men
by Keith Ashford

Anger cannot be managed or massaged---chances are you know that already. Nor can it be denied, avoided, projected or repressed with any satisfactory result. But here is the miracle: Anger can be transformed into its opposite, which is inner peace. And along with that peace come richer relationships, less conflict, a sense of well-being.

If you desire peace and fulfillment, look first to anger. What you now regard as an obstacle on your life-journey will be revealed as the way itself. Not roses, sunsets or choirs, but the rough humility of anger. It is simple, but not easy.

You want peace; anger wants your attention. Give anger what it wants. Not resistance or judgment, but your unwavering attention. That changes everything.


What they are saying about Anger: A Message for Men....

Ashford’s little book has been a blessing for me. Not that reading it solved everything—anger issues are often large and take time to overcome—but reading Anger: A Message for Men has pointed me down a path that feels much better than the one I was on..... read more.
David Ward, columnist
The Guardian

Anger provides men who seek enlightenment and change with a practical manual to transform their lives.

- Thomas Butcher, alive magazine

This is a very dangerous book. If you take Keith Ashford's wisdom and do your homework YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. This practical, real and imaginative manual for discovering, accepting and dancing the anger that is embedded in most of our male lives can open doors to freedoms we never imagined or dared ask for. Bravo! Every male over 20 should read this and go to bed with it every night until he "gets it."

- Kelly Walker, bestselling author of Loss of Soul

Keith Ashford skilfully and courageously reaches right into the fire burning inside us that all too often rages unattended, out of control, or is poorly managed at best. Pitching his tent on the tip of the volcano, Ashford joins a precious few---Robert Bly, James Hillman, Ram Dass and Thich Nhat Hanh among them---who have peered into this paradoxically dark yet fiery zone of the male psyche, reporting back with healing insight, compassion, chutzpah and humour. This book offers wise counsel, practical advice and safe passage for men and women through a particularly perilous and forbidding region of our inner landscape. A necessary journey has now become an easier, more illuminating one.

- Michal Hurley, poet, professor (Royal Military College of Canada)

Male anger is a weapon of mass destruction. It wounds the folks around the angry man---at work, home or in the community---as well as the man himself. In Anger, Keith Ashford provides an intelligent meditation on male anger, taking you to places in the psyche that you might not expect. Indeed, you may even find your anger rising, if you are expecting a quick, easy solution to the anger that so often captures you, for although Ashford presents anger as relatively simple stuff, he knows it's also complicated, and requires the fascinating journey to start to untangle.

- Harvey Schachter, Globe and Mail "Managing Books" columnist

I finished reading your book and realized it is not a book to be finished. I am going to read it over and over again. It is not a book about anger so much as a book about living.

- Bryan Babcock, graphic designer

...a revelation for a reader expecting to be confronted with complicated
theory and a complicated road map towards practical application.  Ashford's
take on anger is easy to read, easy to understand and easy to apply.

- Nick Gardiner, Brockville Recorder and Times